ROME (AP) _ Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli nuclear technician who says he was abducted here and taken to Israel, had a confirmed reservation and a bag was checked in his name on a flight from London the day he disappeared, reports said Saturday.

The newspaper reports said the information was provided by British Airways to Italian magistrates investigating Vanunu's case. In London, airlines officials said they could not give out any information.

Vanunu, 32, worked at a secret Israeli nuclear facility in the Negev desert until he was fired recently in a cost-cutting move. He later gave information to the London Sunday Times that was the basis of an Oct. 5 article claiming Israel had manufactured 200 nuclear weapons at the underground desert facility.

Vanunu disappeared from London on Sept. 30. But Israel did not admit for more than a month that it was holding him. He is to be charged with exposing Israel's nuclear secrets and spying in a trial scheduled to begin Sunday.

On Dec. 21, Vanunu flashed a message on the palm of one hand to reporters on his way to court in Jerusalem. It said he was hijacked in Rome on Sept. 30 after arriving on British Airways from London.

Milan's Corriere della Sera and Turin's La Stampa said British Airways officials in London told prosecutor Domenico Sica that Vanunu had a confirmed reservation on Flight 504, which arrived in Rome at 6:38 p.m.

The reports did not say whether it was known if Vanunu actually took the flight or what happened to the bag.

Sica planned to question the flight crew members, the newspapers said. His office was closed for the weekend and he could not be reached for comment.

In London, British Airways spokesman Michael Blunt said the airline could not release such information without permission from the individual concerned. He said he did not know if Italian magistrates had asked to question the crew of Flight 504, but added: ''We normally cooperate with authorities in all countries.''