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Alou, Darwin, Rodriguez, Others Face Suspensions, Fines

August 13, 1996

MONTREAL (AP) _ Moises Alou of the Montreal Expos, who threw a helmet that struck Houston manager Terry Collins in the face, is among those likely to be punished for engaging in a bench-clearing brawl.

``We need to get all the information and look at the tapes,″ National League spokeswoman Katy Feeney said of the ugly incident during the Expos’ 8-1 victory in the opener of a three-game series Monday night at Olympic Stadium. ``It normally takes a couple of days, but could be as early as tomorrow.″

Collins needed four stitches to close a gash above his lip, sustained when Alou fired his helmet from close range while tangled up with an umpire and Astros pitcher Shane Reynolds.

``All I saw was Moises Alou and Shane Reynolds standing in front of me,″ Collins said. ``The next thing I know I got hit. Somebody told me it was a helmet. ... It’s unfortunate. We don’t need that in baseball.″

The third-inning fight began after a pitch from Houston’s Danny Darwin hit Henry Rodriguez. The Montreal outfielder had angered Darwin an inning earlier by walking slowly from home plate after slugging a two-run homer.

Darwin allowed a two-run double to Alou and a two-run homer to Darrin Fletcher, giving the Expos a 6-1 lead before Rodriguez batted in the third. Darwin threw inside to Rodriguez, then hit him on the right hip with the next pitch.

Rodriguez, whose 30th homer had given the Expos a 2-1 lead in the second, immediately charged the mound as both benches emptied.

``I don’t care who hits a home run,″ Darwin said. ``I’m not out there to show anybody up. I thought that he showed me up and I didn’t appreciate it.

``Hit your home run and run the bases. That’s all I ask. That’s like me striking him out and staring him down all the way to the dugout.

``I was trying to come up and in, trying to knock the guy down. But that’s a situation where if you hit him you don’t mind.″

Being hit came as no surprise to Rodriguez, who glared at Darwin after the first pitch came inside.

``I knew I was going to get hit,″ Rodriguez said. ``Maybe I made a mistake and watched the ball, but I’m not the first guy to do that. I don’t think he should hit someone because they watch it.

``Barry Bonds does it all the time. Barry Bonds is Barry Bonds, and I’m nobody. But I don’t know what he was doing hitting people.″

Darwin, Collins, Derrick May and John Cangelosi of the Astros, and Rodriguez, Alou and Jeff Juden of the Expos were ejected. Collins, who wasn’t immediately ejected, was tossed by home plate umpire Jerry Layne when the crew was sorting out the matter after the brawl subsided.

``That was a real fight,″ said Felipe Alou, the Montreal manager and father of Moises. ``There were some guys out there who weren’t out there trying to break things up. If the films show anybody doing something abnormal, they should be punished.″

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