Finley the potbellied pig can stay in Leechburg — for now

July 21, 2018

The pig can stay for now, but the peacock isn’t our problem.

That’s what Leechburg Council has decided regarding Finley the potbellied pig and a noisy peacock that lives in neighboring Gilpin.

Finley is allowed to stay at his owner’s Leechburg residence -- even though a special ordinance covering him was vetoed in June and the council wasn’t able to overturn the veto.

The reason for Finley’s status has to do with what happened to the borough’s previous animal ordinance, officials say.

Last fall, council voted to suspend the borough’s rules regarding what animals are allowed to be kept as pets while Solicitor James Favero wrote a new ordinance to allow Finley and other household pets under specified circumstances.

Even though that new ordinance passed in May, it was vetoed by Mayor Wayne Dobos on June 19.

However, Councilman Chuck Pascal, who supports Finley and the new ordinance, said enforcement of the old ordinance remain suspended.

Favero agrees with that opinion.

That’s good news for Finley’s supporters and his owners, Cody and Destiney Griffith, of Second Avenue.

Finley is welcome in Leechburg until changes are made, said Council President Robert “Tom” Foster said.

Pascal, Foster, Nancy Bono and Christian Vaccaro voted for the ordinance that was ultimately vetoed.

The Griffiths didn’t comment.

Peacock complaints

The council and mayor also fielded complaints from a resident about the calls of a male peacock. Resident Frances Gray said it is a disturbance that, on one occasion, started at 6 a.m.

Peacocks aren’t addressed in any Leechburg ordinances and the state Game Commission won’t get involved because it isn’t a native bird, Dobos said.

Favero said the peacock is free ranging and appears to live in neighboring Gilpin.

“It isn’t penned, and as I understand no one owns it,” he said.

“We have no jurisdiction over Gilpin,” Pascal said. He said the bird is believed to be about 9 years old.

Gray isn’t satisfied and wants the noise stopped.

However, Mayor Dobos said only Gray has filed complaints about the bird.

“Probably 30 others people called and said they like it around,” Dobos said.

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