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Black Bear Killed After Eating Pet Goat

May 5, 1994

FOSTER, R.I. (AP) _ A 200-pound black bear was shot and killed by state officials after it mauled a family’s pet goat. Officials said they feared the animal was rabid.

″We do have a rabies problem,″ said Capt. David Tyler of the Department of Environmental Management.

The bear knocked down a fence Tuesday night and attacked a goat chained to a tree. The goat had been a pet of the Constantino family for three years.

″The goat didn’t have a chance,″ Stephen Constantino said. ″It couldn’t defend itself.″

Environmental officers, who had been standing by while awaiting the arrival of a tranquilizer gun, killed the bear as it began to head toward the woods in western Rhode Island.

Black bears are rarely seen in Rhode Island. The last documented sighting was June 1986 in eastern Rhode Island, Tyler said.

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