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Entrepreneur to Sell Bottled Sand From D-Day Beaches

May 20, 1994

TOURS, France (AP) _ Step right up. Authenticated bottles of sand from the beaches of the D-Day invasion are going on sale.

Businessman Georges Lancelin unveiled the product Friday, in time to pitch it to the tens of thousands of visitors expected to arrive before the 50th anniversary commemorations of D-Day in June.

Lancelin said his company, which makes sandbags for the military, will turn out more than 100,000 bottles, each containing 3.3 ounces of sand guaranteed to have come from Sword or Juno beaches, where British troops landed on D-Day.

The bottles, decorated with Allied flags and labeled ″Sand of History,″ will sell for $8.75 each. Lancelin said 12 percent of the proceeds would be distributed to Allied veterans’ associations.

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