Readers request more variety in retail development

August 29, 2018

Shopping options constitute one of the topics that seems to get readers going.

A report in Monday’s The Herald-Dispatch updating the progress at the Tanyard Station retail development in Barboursville elicited many readers’ comments on the newspaper’s website. Many had to do with readers’ preferences for stores they would like to see in the shopping center, disappointment about the stores that are planned there, and support for a development that will yield more jobs in the area.

The article detailed that developers expect eight businesses to be open by the end of the year. They include Longhorn Steakhouse, Aldi, Sheetz, Aspen Dental, Hwy 55, Verizon, Sports Clips and Zen Nails. Construction of a Menards is scheduled to begin next spring.

The development is on the 51.73-acre site of the former CSX railroad yard, off Exit 18 of Interstate 64, along the Mud River and Tanyard Branch Creek in Barboursville.

Here are the reactions from several readers:

Josh Brown: “Other than the Menards, this development has been full of hype and low on substance. The last thing this area needs is another nail salon, hair salon, wireless store and a dental insurance business. I’m looking forward to the announcement of another mattress store and dollar store for the next phase of the development.”

Shawn Plants: “Bass Pro would’ve been great.”

Robin Cabell Lapsley: “Nothing going in to get excited about. Need something unique, like a Whole Foods, Popeyes, good clothing stores, Party City, something different. Same old boring stores.”

Sharon Henneman Jenkins: “It’s more than Huntington has going on right now.”

Sara Wyrick Catron: “People can always email & suggest they open a store locally. As it is, we have to drive to South Point or Charleston to go to Sam’s Club. Definitely would be an ideal location for a Costco or IKEA or even a Sam’s Club.”

Teresa Reynolds Fuller: “It needs to be an outlet mall like Tanger outlets that would draw people from miles around.”

Sarah Huffman: “Five Below would be nice.”

Phil Porter: “Another Sheetz?! Valuable property and location for a gas station and beer cave? Wow that’s progress!”

Sara Wyrick Catron: ” ... for those that are coming off the interstate, coming off Route 2, coming from Barboursville or Ona, it’s quite convenient. I live by Beech Fork, but would much rather drive to Sheetz than stop at 7/11 or fight Kroger for gas when they’re busy.”

Cheri Potter Morris: “We have so many hamburger joints around this area. How about a Cheesecake Factory? Maybe just because anything served in a bun works here doesn’t mean we need things better.”

Rachael Mahon: “I want a Popeyes. Get some different places in here for once. New places.”

Cheri Christian: “Would love TGI Fridays in Bville.”

Freddie Gibson: “We need Vitamin World and CiCi’s Pizza.”

Rick Ellison: “Love all the positive people! Great to see some optimism and encouragement.”

Diane Lacey Himes: “Why do people have to always be such downers?! It’s at least bringing growth to the area. How about a Krispy Kreme? I’ve checked and the only KK in the whole state of WV is in Charleston. Someone with some authority needs to contact their corporate office. Just a suggestion.”

Jeremy Ross: “How about an Apple store?”

Eden Bumgardner: “Trader Joe’s!”

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