Anacortes child care facilities being inspected

November 17, 2018

Five Anacortes-area child care facilities are being inspected for unlicensed care, according to a state Department of Children, Youth and Families news release.

The inspections come after formal complaints were filed that the facilities were providing unlicensed care, according to the release. The first complaint was filed Oct. 19, and four more were filed Nov. 2.

The facilities are not named in the news release, and it is unclear how many children and families they serve.

Following the complaints, the department visited the child care facilities and distributed paperwork to determine if the facilities are exempt from licensing laws, according to the release.

The department also distributed information explaining current state laws. None of the facilities has been reported or investigated for safety concerns, and the department has not instructed the facilities to stop serving children and their families, the release states.

If it is determined the facilities are not exempt from state regulations, the department will work with them to comply, according to the release.

According to state regulations, child care providers offering services to preschool-aged children for more than four hours a day must be licensed by the department. All providers offering services to children under 2 1/2 years of age must be licensed, regardless of hours offered.

One of the facilities under inspection plans to shorten its hours to comply with state laws, according to the release. Another facility has started the process of obtaining a license, which includes safety inspections and background checks for operators.

Families who would like to find licensed child care in the Anacortes area can contact Child Care Aware of Washington at wa.childcareaware.org or by calling 1-800-446-1114.

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