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Kasparov Wins 10th Game to Even Match

September 27, 1995

NEW YORK (AP) _ World champion Garry Kasparov hit back with a stunning victory over challenger Viswanathan Anand in the 10th game of their Professional Chess Association title bout Tuesday to even the score.

``I feel better, I’m back in business,″ Kasparov said after the game. ``It’s really a tough match. I hope this game will change the course of the event.″

The win leaves the match tied at 5-5. Anand had won the ninth game Monday to seize the lead in the 20-game contest. The first eight games ended in draws.

Playing with the advantage of the white pieces, Kasparov, 32, of Russia, flashed out his first 21 moves in less than six minutes.

In a Ruy Lopez opening, the moves followed the eight game of the match, played Friday, until Kasparov sacrificed a pawn on his 14th move.

Anand, 25, of India, thought for 45 minutes on his 15th move before trading pieces in an attempt to get out of his difficulties. Kasparov dramatically sacrificed a rook at move 17 to gain a massive attack against Anand’s king trapped in the center of the board.

``This game was won basically at home,″ Kasparov said of his brilliant sacrifice, which he prepared over the weekend. ``My goal today was to mate the black king.″

Anand found a way to trade queens and avoid being checkmated. But he struggled helplessly. In a losing endgame position, down a pawn and unable to stop the relentless advance of three white pawns, he resigned on the 38th move.

Spectators watching the match on the 107th floor of the World Trade Center were startled by the speed of Kasparov’s opening play and his aggressive demeanor.

``This guy is just fuming,″ said British Grandmaster Daniel King as Kasparov rushed out his opening moves.

Spanish chess journalist Leontxo Garcia said, ``Kasparov was so quick today, he was like a bull going into the ring.″

During his first 21 moves, Kasparov would move almost instantaneously and then retreat to a rest room behind the playing area. On his 19th move, he slammed down a dramatic bishop sacrifice and banged the door as he left.

American Grandmaster Patrick Wolff, a member of Anand’s team, criticized Kasparov’s behavior. ``Vishy wasn’t slamming doors yesterday when he was winning,″ he said.

``We are all human beings,″ Kasparov replied at a news conference. ``I was excited about the possibility to play this line. You play without a rook. I was nervous.″

Anand plays white in the 11th game on Thursday.

The winner of the contest is the first player to score 10.5 points. A win scores a point and a draw a half-point. In the event of a 10-10 tie, Kasparov retains the title.

The winner will receive $1 million and the loser $500,000.

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