CHICAGO (AP) _ Shots were fired near the crowded Taste of Chicago outdoor food festival, killing one man and wounding two others, police said.

The shooting occurred late Saturday as tens of thousands of people were leaving the festival, which had just closed for the evening, police spokesman Pat Camden said.

A group of young men had begun verbally harassing a young woman and trying to take her money. Camden said the young woman called out to friends, who went to her aid.

``All of a sudden, shots rang out _ three or four,'' Camden said.

Police were still investigating early Sunday.

Christopher Sanders, 20, of Chicago, was killed and two others were injured when a fistfight escalated into gunfire, just as tens of thousands of people were streaming out of the food festival.

Organizers expected millions of visitors to visit downtown Chicago for the festival, which opened Friday and is scheduled to end July 4.

It was the second shooting at the festival in two years. A 15-year-old boy was shot in the leg last year when an argument broke out. Authorities said he was an innocent bystander.