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Show Biz Standouts, Business Chieftains Among Major Democratic Contributors

November 4, 1988

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Actress Mary Tyler Moore and TV producer Norman Lear are among a wide range of celebrities, financiers and others who gave large sums to the Democratic National Committee in the past year, according to party records.

Notables who made sizable contributions of less than $100,000 included: California stat legislator Tom Hayden, the husband of actress Jane Fonda, $60,000; Miss Moore, $10,000; Miami Dolphins owner Joseph Robbie, $50,000, and Lear, $25,000.

The information was contained in DNC records filed in Austin, Texas.

The funds were given to the national committee’s ″soft money″ account, which does not have to conform to limits imposed on the candidates and the political parties by the Federal Election Commission.

The so-called soft money accounts are largely transferred by both the Republican and Democratic National Committees to state parties.

Democratic National Chairman Paul G. Kirk Jr. has said he would disclose details of the committee’s soft-money fund raising after the election.

Texas law, however, requires the parties to file either a list of donors or a Federal Election Commission registration record when they transfer money into the state from elsewhere.

Since the soft money was not raised under federal limits, the Democrats were required to submit a list of donors.

Those listed as contributing $100,000 were:

Andrew A. Athens, Chicago; Robert M. Bass, Fort Worth; Eli Broad of Kaufman & Broad, Los Angeles; Ann Cox Chambers, Atlanta; Richard D. Cohen, Boston; Marvin Davis, Los Angeles; Mark Dayton, Minneapolis; Richard J. Dennis, president of Richard J. Dennis and Co., Chicago;

Thomas A. Dennis, Chicago; Barry Diller, 20th Century Fox, Los Angeles; Sandra Ferry, Cambridge, Mass.; Susie Field, Interscope Investments; Frederick Field, Interscope Investments, Los Angeles; John Freidenrich, Mountain View, Calif.; Monte Friedkin, Hallandale, Fla,; Mitchell Kapor, Cambridge, Mass.;

Phillip M. Klutznick, Klutznick Investments, Chicago; John R. Koza, Las Vegas; William P. Kruer, San Diego; Allam M. Levanthal, Boston; Carl Lindner, Cincinnati; Alida Rockefeller Messenger, Minneappolis; Lester Miller, St. Louis; Raymond D. Nasher, Dallas; Bernard J. O’Keefe, Wayland, Mass.;

Arthur Ortenber, N.Y.; Milan Panic, ICN Pharmaceuticals Inc., Costa Mesa, Calif.; Ronald O. Perelman, chairman Revlon, N.Y.; Hannah Jacobs Ramos, N.Y.; Carl Rheuban, Los Angeles; Blanchette Rockefeller, N.Y.; John D. Rockefeller, Washington, D.C.; Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., David Rose, of Rose Associates, N.Y.;

Steven J. Ross, of Warner Communications, N.Y.; Madeleine Russel, Atherton, Calif.; Herbert Simon, Indianapolis; Ballard F. Smith, La Jolla, Calif.; Linda Arnell Smith, La Jolla; Janet G. Stein, N.Y.; Linda and Howard Sterling, Los Angeles; Bruce G. Sundlum, Providence, R.I.; Lew R. Wasserman, MCA-Universal Studios, Universal City, Calif.; Leo S. Wyler, of Wyler Associates, Los Angeles.

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