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O.J. Simpson Case, By The Numbers

October 3, 1995

Days Simpson spent in jail: 474

Days since jury selection began: 372

Days jurors were sequestered: 266

Length of closing arguments: 4 days

Length of opening statements: 4 days

Length of deliberations: less than 4 hours

Average age of juror: 43

Number of jurors picked: 12, plus 12 alternates

Number of jurors dismissed: 10

Witnesses: defense 54; prosecution 72

Days of testimony: defense 34; prosecution 99

Exhibits presented during testimony: defense 369; prosecution 488

Number of motions filed: 433 total (no breakdown available)

Number of attorneys who presented evidence in court: defense 11; prosecution 9.

Number of times judge pulled plug on television: 2

Cost: estimated $9 million for Los Angeles County, includes costs for court and prosecution; defense figures not available.

Amount earned by each of the 12 jurors and two alternates: $1,330 (at $5 a day for time of sequestration)

Length of official court transcript: more than 50,000 pages

Number of media credentials issued: more than 1,000

Number of telephone lines installed in press room: 250

Seating capacity in courtroom: 80

Fines imposed on defense: $3,000

Fines imposed on prosecution: $850

Fines imposed on others: $1,800

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