Signature Wealth says each client is unique

August 11, 2018

FLORENCE, S.C. — A partner in Signature Wealth Strategies says it looks to implement specific and unique financial plans for each of its clients.

Signature Wealth Strategies, an independent organization aligned with Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., is a wealth-management firm that specializes in financial life planning. The firm is at 135 S. Dargan St. on the second floor of the Waters Building.

Chip Munn, a managing partner for Signature Wealth, said the firm’s name came from the concept of each individual client being unique.

“No two people are the same,” Munn said. “People have different goals, and we want to be able to specialize toward what they want. It’s their signature. We want to make sure that things are lining up with what their goal is.”

The firm implements what is known as a “Signature Life Plan,” with the aim of helping the clients understand their current situation, define their ideal life and create a step-by-step process needed to reach their financial goals.

Scott Mitchell, the founding partner for Signature Wealth, said he has been in the business for more than three decades. Mitchell began working with his father, Bob Mitchell, in the late 1990s before partnering with Munn a few years later.

“In our business, there are so many things that you can’t possibly cover them all,” Mitchell said. “We started working together and allowed Chip to do the things that he liked more and was better at, and the same for me. What I think makes us unique between financial and wealth strategy groups is that we’re all together. We have different people on our staff that specializes at different things. We all just share the clients, so there’s no competition.”

Over the years, the firm has expanded, adding partners and offices in Charlotte and Mooresville in North Carolina and Greenville and Spartanburg in South Carolina.

The group announced the addition of Alliance Wealth Partners in Spartanburg in March. With the addition, Signature became a firm powered by a force of 12 advisors and 30 total team members who collectively oversee more than $800 million assets, according to the company’s announcement in March.

Through the expansions, the firm has remained headquartered in Florence with a focus on serving the Pee Dee community.

“We’ve had a presence here since the early ’70s with my dad, and we had a good client group,” Mitchell said. “Florence is also a place with good people that want to make the community better, and we feel like we fall into that category. Florence is home for almost everybody here.”

Munn said the growth of Florence has allowed the company to become more successful.

“It’s a big deal for us to be from here,” Munn said. “Being from here, it’s kind of been our goal to keep Florence as our headquarters, because it is truly home. We have offices in both North and South Carolina in many cities that are bigger than Florence, but this is home. When we have final interviews, we bring folks to Florence, and they are all impressed with the growth of the downtown area.”

The firm made the decision to commit to a downtown location approximately six years ago and moved into its current office space a little more than four years ago after renovations were completed.

“All the different players have done a great job to give us a resource to be able to go out, recruit and grow,” Munn said. “There were a lot of people that thought we were crazy when we first moved down here. Victor’s and the hotel hadn’t been completed yet, but we felt like there was a lot of positive momentum that was coming.”

Both Munn and Mitchell said it was important for Signature Wealth to be involved in the community.

For the past three years, the firm has hosted a “Day of Thanks,” when it partners with the House of Hope to feed the homeless the day before Thanksgiving. The firm also has partnered with The School Foundation and Help For Kids, as well as other organizations for future projects and events.

“Florence has been good to us,” Munn said. “It’s a close-knit community, and we’ve had the opportunity to be a part of many local organizations. We believe that it is our responsibility to give back. Just as much as anything, we’re active in the community because our clients believe that it’s important that we do those things.”

Mitchell said the success of the firm rests in its integrity.

“We make sure that we do what’s right for our clients first, and then we do what we say we’re going to do,” Mitchell said.

Munn added that the hardworking staff has created a good culture and environment for the firm to thrive.

“Any success that we’ve had is because of the clients we work for,” Munn said. “We go above and beyond from a service standpoint to make sure we take care of them to the very best of our ability. I’d also have to say our team and our teamwork. Everybody’s focusing on doing the best we can.”

The firm is planning to implement a program for young families and young executives starting in October. Munn said the plan will focus on creating wealth for younger individuals.

“Traditionally, our business has focused predominantly on small business owners, corporate executives and physicians or folks who have retired from that field,” Munn said. “To be able to work with younger people and kind of meet them where they are is something we want to do.”

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