‘Savor It’ brings Spokane’s Kelsey Cook back to Spokane Comedy Club

March 20, 2019

Almost exactly a year ago, Spokane’s Kelsey Cook was headlining the Spokane Comedy Club fresh off her debut appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and just a couple weeks shy of making her Comedy Central debut in an episode of “This Is Not Happening.”

Cook, who now lives in Los Angeles, is back at the Spokane Comedy Club on March 28 through March 30.

This time, she’s got a new show to tout: her own, called “Wrists of Fury.”

In “Wrists of Fury,” Cook, a professional foosball player (as are her parents), takes on fellow comedians while discussing the ins and outs of stand-up comedy.

It’s both hilarious and oh so satisfying to watch Cook take down one trash talking comedian after another.

But she’s also bringing a new album, “Savor It,” to the comedy club.

On “Savor It,” which was released in October, Cook talks about foosball (duh), dating a comedian, Uber, her high school reunion and more.