Not big movie person

January 29, 2019

As kids headed back to school after the long holiday break, many kids had withdrawals from their Netflix account or — for those who are “old fashioned” — their DVD collection.

As for myself, I’m not a big movie person.

I have nothing against movies, but I’m too impatient to sit in one spot and watch the same thing for two, three or sometimes four hours. This being said, I still occasionally spend time at the movie theaters watching the newest movies.

If I had to pick, I would say my favorite movie would have to be “The Blind Side.” Not only does this movie deal with football, but it also has a very good story line to it. The fact that this movie is also based on a true story definitely makes it more relatable. Watching a kid with a less-than-perfect home life turn his life around with the help of the game of football is awesome. I definitely think every teenage boy should watch this movie. It can teach young men some great lessons about life.

Besides “The Blind Side,” I do also enjoy watching comedy movies and the occasional horror movie with friends.

With that being said, I rarely watch one full movie every month. I can always think of something more productive to do than sit in one spot and watch a multiple-hour-long movie. There is always something to like go outside and work or spend time hunting or fishing or even find something more productive to do inside.

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