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Father Charged With Murder After Outing With Son’s Corpse

November 22, 1995

NEW YORK (AP) _ The father took his 4-year-old son to his grandfather’s house. Then it was off to the park, where they sat side-by-side on a bench. Throughout, the son never stirred.

That’s because his father allegedly had beaten him to death before they even left their home.

Eduardo Perez, 27, ``basically was carrying a dead child around for four hours,″ police Capt. James Campbell said Tuesday. Perez was charged with murder.

Perez told authorities he didn’t mean to kill his son Joseph _ that he only knocked him down with a pillow _ and that he thought the boy was sleeping.

Perez said he realized something was wrong after he propped the boy up on a park bench, sat next to him and fell asleep. When Perez awoke, he discovered Joseph had fallen off the bench. The father then called police.

An autopsy, however, showed that several blows to the head had separated the boy’s spine and bruised his brain, said Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the medical examiner’s office. Fists, not an accidental fall, appeared to have caused the fatal injuries, Campbell added.

Investigators said they uncovered no evidence that the child had been beaten in the past, or that Perez was abusing drugs or alcohol at the time.

An unemployed data processor, Perez lived with the boy and his mother, Laura Dauphin, 27, in a basement apartment. The father regularly cared for his son on weekdays while the mother worked, police said.

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