All the grades get along at homecoming

October 8, 2018

Homecoming is a very important time in the school year. I really enjoy homecoming because every student in the high school can participate in many exciting activities.

My school, Guardian Angels Central Catholic, gets very keyed up for this. Homecoming is the only dance that the freshmen and sophomores can participate in so they are always very excited. Students get very ecstatic to dress up for the dance and have goofy dress-up days all week long.

At Guardian Angels Central Catholic, we celebrate the week by having fun activities every day. Every house in our house system works together to come up with a dress-up day. Each day of the week, we dress up according to a certain theme. This year, we have celebrity day, jersey day, circus day, and redneck day.

Each dress-up day, we are judged on our costumes. The winners earn points for their house. If someone doesn’t dress up, they lose points for their house. This creates very fun competition for everyone.

On Wednesday, we have house games during lunch. The winner of the house games earns points for the entire house. On Wednesday night, we have mass. The choir sings, and most of the school attends. At the end of mass, we all go over to the playground, eat hamburgers, and have a tug-of-war competition between the houses. Sometimes, the parents and the teachers even play tug-of-war.

On Friday of that week, we have no school. This gives us more time to get ready for the dance!

When Friday comes, all of the girls start to get ready for the dance. It takes girls longer to get ready. The girls at school definitely get more pumped up for the dance than the boys. The girls are very excited to get dressed up together. The hair, makeup, and corsage are more interesting to the girls than they would be for the boys, but, of course, the boys are very ready to dance all night. The boys are probably more excited for the football game than they are for the dance.

I think out of all of this, the best part about homecoming is seeing all of the grades get along. At the dance, everyone is having so much fun, that they just dance without caring. No one judges, and everyone has fun together.

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