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Mars Polar Lander Mission Costs

December 7, 1999

Cost breakdowns for NASA’s Mars Polar Lander and the accompanying Deep Space 2 microprobes:

Mars Polar Lander

Spacecraft development: $110 million.

Mission operations: $10 million.

Boeing Delta II launch: About $45 million.

Total: $165 million.

Deep Space 2

Pre-launch development: $28 million.

Data analysis: $1.6 million.

Total: $29.6 million.

Combined total: $194.6 million.

Mars Polar Lander was funded by NASA’s Mars Explorations program. Deep Space 2 was developed separately under the New Millennium program budget.

NASA is precluded from releasing the specific Delta II launch cost under its contract. Boeing lists the price of a commercial Delta II launch at about $55 million. The cost to NASA is presumed lower because it is part of a multi-launch contract package.

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