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Voices From Midwest Battleground States

March 18, 1996

Comments from Midwestern voters about the prospect of a Clinton-Dole presidential race.

``I think Clinton has the ability to be an awesome president although he hasn’t really done all that much of what he promised to do. ... Both of them are politicians who are going to tell you what they want you to hear. For me it comes down to who relates more to me. I can picture Bill Clinton next door cutting the grass.″ _ Jim Konkel, Blue Cross worker from Detroit suburb of Birmingham and a self-described ``moderate fence sitter″ likely to vote for Clinton.


``They all lie. If you removed the pictures and just played the voices you wouldn’t know who was saying what because they all say the same thing.″ _ Becky Cress, computer programmer, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Most likely Clinton.


``I think (Dole) he’s bad for America. Him and Newt go hand in hand.″ _ Clyde Hoshor, janitor, Peoria, Ill. Clinton supporter.


``Dole believes in free trade and that helps everyone. And Dole’s not an extremist on social issues like Buchanan. I believe Dole is the only Republican in the race who can bring the party together and beat Bill Clinton.″ _ Auto worker Angela Walker, Toledo, Ohio, a Republican and Dole backer.

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