Two girls arrested after attacking staff member at counseling center: Berea police blotter

November 29, 2018

Two girls arrested after attacking staff member at counseling center: Berea police blotter

Assault-aggravated rioting, East Bagley Road: Two girls, 16 and 15 – both residents at OhioGuidestone, 202 East Bagley – were arrested at about 12:30 a.m. Nov. 25 after they attacked a staff member inside the counseling center-foster home.

According to OhioGuidestone workers, the older girl awoke from sleep at about 11:15p.m. Nov. 24 and started waking up other juvenile residents. The 16- and 15-year-old then tried to steal the victim’s keys. When he resisted, the two girls punched him in the head, chest and stomach.

A third girl, 17, also started hitting the victim and tried to steal his keys. The victim managed to lock himself in an office, away from the girls. He called police.

When police arrived, the victim exited the office to let them in. The 16-year-old pulled the victim’s hair to prevent him from opening the front door, but the victim was able to step outside the building and meet police.

Police saw five girls pressing themselves against the glass of the front door. They tried to break the glass and escape the building by pounding on the glass. They screamed and yelled at officers through an intercom. More officers arrived, and a police K-9 was sent into the building. The girls ran toward a common room.

The girls had tied bedsheets together to form a rope. They tied the makeshift rope to a door handle on one side of the common room and a door handle on the opposite side of the room to keep officers from entering. Police nevertheless managed to enter the common room.

Police ordered all the girls back to their bedroom. The 16-year-old told police they should arrest her because she would only act up again.

Damaged property, West Bridge Street: The owner of Marmee’s Heirlooms, 33 West Bridge, called police at about 2:30 p.m. Nov. 28 after finding a broken window in her business.

The victim said the window was unbroken Nov. 26, which was the last time she was at the business. She believes debris from a snow plow might have broken the window because ice was sprayed on the building and door.

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