Lawrence County officials seek funding to extend water service

March 2, 2019

BURLINGTON, Ohio - The Lawrence County Rural Water District met with several dozen state officials earlier this week in an effort to seek funds to bring potable water to residents along 400 miles of county, state and township roads without water service.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine asked about 25 state officials to meet with the water district to see what could be done to extend water service to areas without potable water, said Dave Lucas, water district president. The goal of the water district is to deliver potable water to underserved areas, Lucas said.

“It was a good start,” said Lawrence County Commissioner Freddie Hayes Jr. “We want to set up an open house and get cost estimates from Hecla Water and Aqua Water. Then we will apply for grants.”

The water district, which was established last year, has set aside three areas to work on first, Lucas said. The initial effort will be along County Road 120 (Macedonia Road) in Fayette Township, he said. Areas in Windsor Township and Symmes Township also are on the list seeking water service, he said.

“We plan to seek grants and low-interest loans” to help establish water service, Lucas said. “We plan to do this in phases. We would start with Fayette Township and then move to Symmes Township, followed with Windsor Township.”

Other areas currently without service would follow, he said. Up to a third of the county currently could be without clean water service, Lucas said.

Aqua Water already has done a preliminary study about extending service out Macedonia Road.

Getting service is not a quick process, Hayes said earlier.

“It could take a year or more to hear about requests for funding,” he said.

Several dozen homeowners along Macedonia Road have been requesting water service for years. Most residents currently have water hauled in to their homes.