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Musashimaru Suffers First Defeat

May 16, 1996

TOKYO (AP) _ Hawaiian-born grand champion Akebono scored his third victory at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament on Thursday, while fellow American Musashimaru suffered his first defeat.

Akebono, recovering from a knee injury in January, used hand thrusts to beat Asahiyutaka (0-5). Akebono, whose real name is Chad Rowan, has a 3-2 record in this tournament.

Musashimaru, a Hawaiian born wrestler named Fiamalu Penitani, was beaten by Komusubi Kotonowaka (3-2) after the two attacked each other with hand thrusts and pushing attempts.

Still another Hawaiian-born, Konishiki, the heaviest wrestler at 602 pounds, drove out Oginishiki, who weighs 315 pounds. Konishiki, or Salevaa Fuauli Atisanoe, is 4-1.

In a lower category, two Americans were beaten. Yamato, or George Kalima, and Sunahama, whose real name is William Hopkins, both fell to 2-3.

In the top junior division, Daiki, or American Percy Kipapa, forced out Shoeito for his third victory against no defeats.

Nanfu, who is American Kaleo Kekauoha, drove out Wakakosho and also remained undefeated at 3-0.

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