Ed Schweizer: What is happening to my country?

October 3, 2018


What is happening to my country? Have we all gone insane? What happened to civility, courtesy and most of all, common sense? How in the world is it that our young people no longer wish to converse with others? Where did eye contact go? They don’t read books and evidently have no interest in history or civics. And while we’re at it, what is happening to the English language? LOL, OMG, BTW. What? Is that what zombies and the undead teach them? Or, perhaps they have been watching and learning from our U.S. Congress who act like a group therapy session in an asylum.

Many of us have served in the military in defense of our way of life, defending the idea of Democracy and the Republic for which it stands. Some gave some. Many gave much more. But others gave everything defending against communism and it’s close relative, socialism, the avowed enemies of our way of life. They were protecting the system that gave us such a wonderful society; unique in the world. The American way of life.

But now I see our young people, over schooled and under educated and coddled, demanding we toss all that away and vote to overthrow our system in favor of socialism. They might just as well spit on the flag, our Constitution and all Veterans. Do they serve their country? Less than one percent actually serve in the military and of those who do volunteer a huge percentage of them can’t pass a basic fitness test. I guess only their thumbs are in shape.

These same brain dead excuses for Americans demand we open our borders, legalize drugs and decriminalize insane behavior. It will all work out just fine, as long as that big, wealthy Washington government gives us free medical and free college tuition and free whatever we demand and demonstrate for. But first, do away with those dang cops and ICE agents and while we’re at it, what will we need the military for? What enemy would attack us? Why would they if they are already winning?

To quote a country song by Don Edwards, “Thank God I wasn’t born no later than I was”.

Ed Schweizer

Lake Havasu City

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