Judge agrees to keep some of Alex Jones’ secrets

February 21, 2019

BRIDGEPORT — Infowars’s host Alex Jones, who is being sued for calling the Sandy Hook shooting a hoax, will be able to provide some information in the case in secret, a judge ruled on Thursday.

“But I don’t see documents being dumped into this category,” Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis warned.

Following a brief hearing the judge granted a limited protective order to Jones and his co-defendants in the civil case.

“We respect the Court’s decision and appreciate the Judge’s consideration of sensitive issues. We have confidence that the public will have full access to the evidence when we present it in court,” said Christopher Mattei, the lawyer for the families of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Jones’ lawyer, Jay Wolman, had sought a far-ranging protective order seeing to keep secret documents they have been required to file in the case having to do with Jones’ finances and the finances of companies that ran his Internet and television programs.

“Such sensitive information must be protected; such is especially necessary where plaintiffs have repeatedly communicated with the media about this case and it is likely that proprietary information may be revealed to the press absent a court order,” Wolman argued.

While Bellis agreed that some of the should not be made public she said she was not agreeing with everything Wolman wanted to keep secret.

Wolman declined comment on the judge’s decision.

Jones is being sued by the parents and family of some of the 20 first-graders and six educators at Sandy Hook elementary killed in a mass shooting in 2012 by Adam Lanza. In his former television show Jones claimed the shooting was staged by paid actors who faked the children’s deaths.