Charlyne Gastelum: Trump deserves fair reporting

August 18, 2018


I am beyond words trying to wrap my head around your editorial extolling the use of the First Amendment by the media. In all my many years of watching the political scene I have never seen such hate for an American president. I can’t even watch the national media; they are so biased against conservatives. Why can they hide behind the First Amendment but when the president expresses his opinion it’s considered trivial and unwarranted? This is the first time I’ve seen a president finally call out the media for what it is, a liberal arm of the Democratic party. The hate is rampant in the national media and I have even addressed our own papers’ bias against this president but you throw out a few crumbs of guest editorials, letters from the public and try to convince us you don’t promote the Democratic side of issues. Doesn’t work for those of us who fully understand where you stand. What the media doesn’t seem to grasp is that America voted for this man, warts and all. We understood what we were getting and for me, he’s done what I expected him to do. I tried sending elected representatives to congress only to see them compromised and falling into the Washington mentality of greed and corruption. Now we’re trying a new way with someone who doesn’t need this job, not taking any pay and promoting America again. We were made to feel like losers with the previous president and frankly I like feeling proud of this country and the American people. Just the opinion of someone who wishes for fair reporting.

Charlyne Gastelum

Lake Havasu City

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