Rebranding: Bosque Brewing goes for new look, prepares to open pizza shop

February 23, 2019

Bosque Brewing Co. continues to flourish not only with new locations on the horizon but now a refreshed look and new branding.

With Bosque’s plans to open Restoration Pizza this spring there was a need for a new brand and logo. The pizza joint at Legacy at Journal Center, which also houses Cabela’s, will offer job opportunities to people with developmental and cognitive disabilities. It will serve pizza, breadsticks and salads, as well as Bosque’s craft beers.

Bosque hired a local branding agency, Utility, to handle the new branding and logos.

“We decided to put a lot of our effort in terms of Bosque branding first,” said Jess Griego, chief experience officer. “We did Restoration alongside that as well. We were really happy with it. We just wanted to make sure we’re creating two brands that work well together but had their own identity that’s refreshing Bosque and bringing some more color to it and kind of hat-tipping New Mexico, all the things we love about where we live and the outdoors and Bosque.”

Bosque has changed the name of Brewers Boot Amber Ale to Jetty Jack Amber Ale. Bosque has also added a cider to its lineup.

“At first, we thought they were going to be launched in phases, based on inventory, but now it’s going to be like IPA, Scotia and Elephants on Parade will all be releasing in April, all relatively close to each other,” Griego said of the can releases. “Lager will be the one that we have that the new can will take a bit longer to release to market because we have more inventory of those old cans. And then in May we’re looking to release the new cider as well as the Open Space Haze and maybe the Jetty Jack.”

The cider was created to appeal to patrons who limit their gluten consumption.

“We wanted to create a product that would appeal to gluten reduced, gluten conscious, so people who are paying attention to their gluten intake,” said John Bullard, chief production officer. “We’ve seen ciders selling well with other breweries, as well, so we decided to make our own cider. It’s a straightforward apple cider. We played with some fruit editions too; (they’re) ciders as well, but what is going to be in package and released to the market is going to be straightforward apple cider. We’ll have lots of rotating specialty ciders on tap in our taprooms, as well. Fruit ones, dry-hopped ciders, whatever we can think of, really.”

Bosque will release the Resto Hazy Pale Ale at the end of March in celebration of Restoration Pizza.

“It’s going to be a single-hopped hazy pale ale and it’s going to be made with Citra, which is one of our favorite hops,” Bullard said of Resto Hazy Pale Ale. Jotham Michnovicz, chief development officer, is excited for Restoration Pizza to open in late March or early April.

“There’s so much buzz and excitement around this new concept that we’re doing both internally and with the community partners that we’ve been working with to hire people with disabilities and different abilities,” he said. “I am so excited about this new concept. I think it’s going to be something that we really haven’t seen in New Mexico yet.”

Bosque will close its original location, at 8900 San Mateo NE, at the end of March and move on with plans to build a new brewery and taproom, Bosque Open Space. Patrons can continue to visit its Public House in Nob Hill, Bosque North in Bernalillo and the Public House and Beer Bar in Las Cruces. New Mexico Brewers Guild Executive Director John Gozigian will leave his post in March to open his own brewery and distillery at the San Mateo location.

“As our doors at San Mateo close, a new brewery and distillery will take its place,” according to a Bosque news release. “La Reforma, led by John Gozigian, will renovate the space. Bosque Brewing Co. will be a silent partner in the brewery.”