Fundraiser for High Drive Bluff Wednesday

November 26, 2018

Five Spokane locals will share facts, stories and hopes for the High Drive Bluff, Wednesday.

The Friends of the Bluff is hosting its second Bluff Talks at the Montvale Event Center from 7 to 9 p.m. The event costs $10. All proceeds go to the Friends of the Bluff.

“Bluff Talks is all about stirring up a deeper sense of place,” said Marit Fischer, Friends of the Bluff board member in a news release. “This sense is a human emotional experience that gives meaning to a location. It’s what makes someplace different from another in our minds and it gives us reason to care. Bluff Talks makes the High Drive Bluff Park personal by sharing stories from members of our community who are invested in it for their own reasons.”

The speakers are as follows:

The Geologist: Nigel Davies, geology lecturer, Eastern Washington University. Bluffology: Filled to the Brim, Empty at the Core.

The Visionary: Dave Schaub, executive director, Inland Northwest Land Conservancy. Olmsted 2.0 – A Vision for an Expanded and Interconnected Park System for the Coming Century.

The Parks Advocate: Angel Spell, assistant director of natural resources, Spokane Parks & Recreation. A Call for Big Dreams and Radical Ideas: What does the future of the Bluff Look Like?

The Survivor: Brad Thiessen, trail runner and brain cancer survivor.The Bluff as a Place of Healing

The Friends of Bluff Guy: Pat Keegan, president of Friends of the Bluff What We’re Up To at Friends of the Bluff and Why it Matters to You.

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