Patrick misrepresents Democratic intentions

September 30, 2018

I read Dan Patrick’s interpretation of the recent Democratic defeat in the race for the Texas Senate seat in District 19 (“Democratic blue wave a washout in Texas,” Sept. 20). Understandably, he’s elated about the win for Republicans, but he sounds pretty cocky about what he sees as the failure of the blue wave.

Patrick makes a bold assertion: “If you think Hispanic Texans across this state are going to vote for abortion, open borders, take your guns away, raise your taxes, well, the message … is no.”

As part of the blue wave, I highly resent Patrick’s slant on Democrats’ views.

No one votes for abortion; many people, however, do support a woman’s constitutional right to choose what to do with her own body.

Likewise, who supports open borders? Democrats, like most others, would support efforts to deport violent offenders, human traffickers and drug traffickers, the people Donald Trump lied about when he said he would focus on those “bad hombres.” Instead, the president, with full support from Patrick, “catches” families who cross the border seeking asylum, the mothers and fathers who keep their immigration appointments, the students who dare go to class, the soldiers, the military spouses, the home and business owners, the taxpayers, and the wage earners who show up for work. This country was founded by immigrants. How about putting border wall money into humane solutions and improving the staffing and the efficiency of the immigration court system?

And just who is taking away people’s guns? Most people, including Democrats, want to address gun violence in a realistic and practical way, by doing something that our Republican leadership seems, inexplicably, to be dead-set against: passing a law requiring comprehensive, universal, background checks for everyone who buys a firearm. Republican lawmakers insist that such legislation is unwarranted because all federally licensed gun dealers must do background checks. However, no background check is required for person-to-person gun sales. This loophole exists in over half the states and is closely guarded by the NRA and its bought-and-paid-for legislators, especially in Texas.

Convicted felons, domestic abusers and violent offenders can all buy guns from individual sellers. Patrick would assure you that it’s illegal to sell a firearm to a felon. The only hitch is, how does the individual seller know about the buyer?

Lastly, Patrick claims that Democrats want to raise your taxes. The truth is that Democrats do want to improve the lives of Texas residents — all of them, including children, seniors, women, minorities, teachers, students, veterans, the disabled, the homeless and everybody else less fortunate than Dan Patrick.

I don’t know why people choose not to vote. I suspect it’s because they feel that nobody cares and nothing ever changes. And in Texas government, I’d say they’re right. But that’s the very reason we need to vote. We mustn’t lie down and accept things we think are wrong or misguided. People who want change have to make the effort, so c’mon, folks, register today (if you haven’t voted recently, re-register!), find your ID and vote.

Julie Love resides in Rio Medina.

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