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Minnesota’s Albertville Plans Its Own Winter Games

February 1, 1992

ALBERTVILLE, Minn. (AP) _ For those who can’t manage the trans-Atlantic plane fare or a French phrase book, Marv and Renee Vetsch offer the Albertville Winter Olympics at their Minnesota bar.

On the wall of the Albertville Bar, the couple have hung a poster listing a series of events starting Feb. 8, the same day as the games in France.

Visitors to the town of 1,251 people 30 miles northwest of Minneapolis shouldn’t expect luge or figure skating. This olympiad features pool and dart tournaments and a hot dog-eating contest.

The Vetsch’s are preparing by printing posters, reviewing the rules and selling sweatshirts.

Their ″Albertville Bar in ’92″ sweatshirts feature blue, nearly interlocking rings, with mugs of beer within the rings. The International Olympic Committee has been known to object to others borrowing their symbol, but the Vetsch’s hope this local variation will be overlooked.

″I think we’re a little too small for them to worry about,″ Vetsch said. ″We’re just tying ourselves in with the Olympics and having a little fun with it.″