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Witness Recants Sexual Abuse Testimony on Omaha Mayor

May 1, 1990

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) _ A man has recanted testimony alleging that Omaha Mayor P.J. Morgan attended a party where children were abused, the man’s lawyer said Monday.

The allegations were made to investigators and to a grand jury investigating a community scandal surrounding the collapse of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union.

The witness, a 23-year-old man, hasn’t been identified, and his testimony was given in secret, as is customary in grand jury probes.

His attorney, Marc Delman described the new grand jurt testimony to reporters, saying it was ″for the good of the community.″ He said the witness never saw Morgan at a party as previously alleged.

″All those statements have been recanted,″ Delman said. ″My client is sorry for any distress all this may have caused the mayor and his family.″

Morgan said Monday he was glad the ordeal was over.

On Wednesday, the mayor said: ″I cannot be more emphatic when I say that I in no way, at any time, participated in, or had any knowledge whatsoever of any illegal, immoral or unethical activities as alleged in the so-called Franklin case or in any other circumstances.″

The allegations surfaced shortly after officials closed the credit union in November 1988 and said $39 million was missing from the institution.

The witness’ change of heart came after Morgan asked to go before the Douglas County grand jury to refute the allegations.

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