Labor shortage affecting pork industry

November 26, 2018

KANSAS CITY - The National Pork Producers Council was one of many highlighted at the National Association of Farm Broadcasters Convention in Kansas City.

Board member Scott Hayes tells News Talk WJAG an issue right now is they’re experiencing a labor shortage.

Hayes says U.S. pork relies on foreign labor and needs a stable workforce.

“We would like to see a pathway for more legal immigration, or a way to come here an work. So work visas is the obvious answer. I don’t think anybody in our industry necessarily likes the system we have where illegal folks are coming over - and our industry does try hard to make sure that we’re hiring people that are here legally.”

Hayes says they’re currently lobbying Congress to improve the visa program.

He says the seasonal work visas don’t work well for the pork industry, and they even don’t qualify for them.

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