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Let’s stop the madness at the border

By Mary E. MayoMay 27, 2019

If we United States citizens do not do something about those 300-plus refugees who were surrounded by vigilantes illegally holding them at our border near Las Cruces, we must really give up, like “good Germans,” and allow our democracy to go down the drain completely. Those vigilantes and, I suspect, a good part of the Border Patrol, constitute Donald Trump’s “brownshirts” and were breaking our laws and a lot of what our civilization requires for just plain decency.

I suggest that those who are able (and I admit I am not, although I fervently wish I could be) go down to the border with proper ID and cross it and join the refugees, if possible. The 300 who were rounded up by vigilantes have moved along, but more men, women and children still come, seeking refuge. The more of us, the better. Publicize your action as soon as you are well mixed in, and resist being separated from the refugees. Maybe our legal folks will be better able to activate stronger action against the outlaws. Maybe those prevented from joining can toss food and water into the crowd — or use drones? Those going in might be able to pack in food and water to the refugees in the process, too.

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