Keith Christiansen: America’s real priorities need better attention

April 10, 2019

Editor: Stop the quibbling and partisan infighting. Enough talk of “impeachment, we would like to see our congressional leaders do the job we pay them for; that is, the building of a dynamic country. One of prestige in the world’s eyes. Stop the investigations of our White House. No more Mueller talk, no fake news stories. Be honest with us. The citizens of the USA.

This is the job we voted them in to accomplish. How about more important things, such as nuclear weapons, Russian pipelines, global warming and securing the border? Stay on task and help America continue to be a prosperous, safe nation.

Concentrate on sealing our borders. Stop the flow of dangerous drugs, like fentanyl, which is killing thousands of Americans. Stop the illegal law breaking migration. It is costing we tax payers many millions to support the group flowing in daily. One year’s cost for their upkeep is greater than the cost of building a secure border with a fence. The protection and welfare of America’s citizens should be paramount.

The population of America favors a fence, and it is indeed a “crisis” They should do their job and secure our borders instead of the partisan bickering and infighting.

We have a robust economy, the best in many years. We are thriving and should be grateful fort that. It is so sad to hear anyone in our Congress say “there is not a crisis at the border.” They should remedy it, not deny it!

Keith Christensen

Lake Havasu City