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At 63, She Foils Street Mugging By Hitting Man On Head With Bucket

June 30, 1989

PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ A 63-year-old woman stopped a mugging by beaning an attacker on the head with a scrub bucket, and later said she was only doing her ″civic duty.″

Police say she went beyond duty, however, and plan to recommend her for a citizen’s commendation for coming to the aid of a younger woman.

Margie Searles said she took a bucket to scrub some paint from the pavement in front of her son’s house Thursday.

″When got out the door, I heard screaming,″ she said, ″and I looked across the street and saw him pulling her hair.″

Searles hit the alleged assailant, Ricardo Caban, 29, and he walked away. Searles watched where he went, however, and waved down a police car. Caban was charged with robbery and aggravated assault.

The assailant’s target, Annette Sinnott, 29, was treated for neck and arm injuries and released from a hospital.

″Believe me, I have never had fear in my mind,″ Searles said. ″I just don’t like to see any man beating up on a woman. This is my instinct.″

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