It’s Matter Of Voting ‘right’ Or Wrong

May 21, 2019

Editor: It is now 2½ years, and the liberals have not yet gotten over having lost the last election. Since then, the liberals have twisted every fact and facet to make the incoming party look bad, completely ignoring our enormous increase in jobs and prosperity, as well as the much-reduced threat of nuclear proliferation abroad. Their “news” is no longer news at all. It is simply one-sided politics. Their readers and viewers are either misinformed or uninformed about much which is taking place. The Democrats continue to press for the impeachment of our president, even though two years of research has found nothing. They chose also to attack Trump’s wife and children. All that we citizens should care about is what a tremendous job he has done for our nation, in spite of the fact that the liberals and Democrats are more focused on hurting him than helping our nation. The Democrats are afraid the voters will compare our now booming economy and the quelling of North Korea and ISIS, to the weak economy, the great reduction of our military arms, and our total lack of control in world order by our previous Democratic president. The liberals are more like an angry mob than a political party. Should they eventually outnumber the common-sense voters, they surely will attempt to give all illegals citizenship. Again, only for their votes. Again, selfishness, even at great expense to our nation. Political voting was always a matter of choosing either “Right” or “Left.” It is now a matter of voting either “Right” or wrong. Franco Umbriaco HAZLETON

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