Lackawanna County Court Notes 12/15/2018

December 15, 2018


■ Santiago Juan Bautista Rodriguez and Emerita Luciano, both of Scranton.

■ Michael Andrew Stull and Ashley Michelle Bankson, both of Dunmore.


■ Kenneth and Linda Powell, Scott Twp., to Marion Knight, Forest City; a property at 102 Golden Gate Circle, Archbald, for $298,600.

■ Lee D. and Marlene Griffiths, Clarks Green, to Jennifer L. Besack, Scranton; a property at 104 Yale Blvd., Clarks Green, for $156,000.

■ Jeffrey T. and Jessica M. Cadden to Bronson M. Smith; a property at 514 Wintermantle Ave., Scranton, for $121,900.

■ Marla A. Coroniti, Clarks Summit, to James Roberts, Clarks Green; a property at 114 Lansdowne Ave., Clarks Summit, for $163,000.

■ William A. and Carolyn Chupko to Emmanuel Hernandez Caba; a property at 137 William St., Dunmore, for $116,600.

■ Alphonzo A. and Melissa Lokuta Fazio, Throop, to Ryne Luce, Nicholson; a property at 168 Pine St., Throop, for $133,000.

■ Fairway Consumer Discount Co., Luzerne, to Lakewood Development Co. Inc., Dallas Twp.; a property at 504 S. Skyline Drive, South Abington Twp., for $40,000.

■ Trevor and Lavinia M. Ritter, Schuylkill Haven, to Robert and Christine Parchinski, Scott Twp.; a property at Route 247, Greenfield Twp., for $36,000.

■ Frank P. Molinaro Jr., Scott Twp.; Maureen Taylor, Carbondale; and Robert Molinaro, Fell Twp., to Michael C. and Doris A. Baker, Spring Brook Twp.; two parcels in Carbondale for $65,000.

■ Kevin A. Mitchell, Scranton, to Saileshkumar B. and Neha Patel, Scranton; a property at 415 N. Irving Ave., Scranton, for $80,000.

■ Frances M. and Phylis M. Regan, Scranton, to Bradley M. and Nicole M. Turi, Scranton; a property at 41 Oakwood Drive, Scranton, for $202,000.

■ Dan M. Kilker, Olyphant, to Rejeb Ben and Yosra Omrane, Scranton; a property at 717 E. Lackawanna Ave., Olyphant, for $165,000.

■ Joseph Vitcavage and Joan Heckman, Scranton, to Norma Rios Moran, Scranton; a property at 1012 Mount Vernon Ave., Scranton, for $72,000.

■ USA HUD, Washington, D.C., to Mychal Winters, Madison Twp.; a property at 766 Cortez Road, Jefferson Twp., for $118,500.

■ Valerie R. Bogart, executrix of the estate of Mildred S. Novak, Asbury, N.J., to Jason and Ashley Helman, Philadelphia; a property at 111 Brook and Circle Drive, Roaring Brook Twp., for $170,000.

■ Theodore P. Schaeffer to John J. Jr. and Suzann I. Kresse; a property at Wimmers Road, Jefferson Twp., for $135,000.


■ Mario and Lisa Leo, 210 Willow St., Dunmore, v. Joel Harris and Maines Paper & Food Service Inc., 10 Broome Corporate Parkway, Conklin, N.Y., and Corporation Service Co., 80 State St., Albany, N.Y., seeking an amount exceeding arbitration limits, together with interest, costs and disbursements of this action, on three counts, for injuries suffered by the plaintiff on Jan. 12 when the defendant’s hand truck fell on the plaintiff; Christopher P. Caputo, attorney.


■ Lillian C. Ghilardi, 1121 Gasparini Drive, Blakely, letters testamentary to Frank X. Ghilardi, same address, and Lora A. Hobbs, 411 Kingsley Blvd., Peckville.

■ Josephine Dickey, 25 Hope Drive, Covington Twp., letters testamentary to Rosemary Serena, 16 Christopher Drive, Spring Brook Twp.

■ Bessie Jones, also known as Bessie M. Jones, 2738 Price St., Scranton, letters testamentary to Jacqueline Clark, 309 Warren St., Scranton.

■ Ann Marie Corby, 908 W. Oak St., Old Forge, letters testamentary to Francesca Zavacky, 2132 Tarleton Drive, Charlottesville, Va.

■ Helen A. Stankoski, also known as Anna Helen Stankoski, 253 Elm St., Moosic, letters testamentary to Marion Stankoski, same address, and Robert J. Stankoski, 102 E. Dunn Ave., Old Forge.

■ Ann L. Kobierecki, P.O. Box 189, Olyphant, letters of administration to Paul D. Kobierecki, same address.



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