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US Urges Fairness in Peru Voting

April 10, 2000

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The State Department called on Peruvian authorities Monday to take every possible measure″ to ensure that the next round of voting in Peru’s presidential elections fully meets democratic standards of ``openness, transparency and fairness.″

Spokesman James P. Rubin said ``the legitimacy of the next president″ is at stake.

Rubin seemed confident a new round of voting would be needed even though most ballots remained uncounted and it was unclear whether a runoff would be needed.

To avoid a runoff, President Alberto Fujimori needed a simple majority, and he was in the 50 percent range based on the partial returns.

Rubin said the campaign was carried out on an ``uneven playing field″ but said that government authorities took some steps before Sunday’s balloting to correct ``deficiencies and abuses″ that he said were documented by independent monitors.

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