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June 23, 1987

SAN DIEGO (AP) _ Argentine President Raul Alfonsin got mixed up in a triathlon on Sunday, as far as athlete Wally Buckingham was concerned. Police, however, thought Buckingham was busting in on Alfonsin’s parade, and they restrained him.

Buckingham, 34, of San Diego filed a complaint against the police Monday, alleging he was roughed up Sunday after he raced past a barricade protecting Alfonsin’s motorcade.

He maintains the officers should have realized he was a racer, not a terrorist.

″I had my number on the front of me,″ said Buckingham, who was participating in the Pepsi San Diego International Triathlon. ″I had my shorts and sneakers on. I didn’t look like a terrorist.″

Police held up the competition for three or four minutes to allow Alfonsin’s motorcade to pass. Buckingham said he assumed the officers were part of the crowd-control detail for the race.

″I was thinking about the race,″ he said Monday, ″And as I got to them, the next thing I know, I feel an arm around my neck and I’m starting to see stars.″

″It’s unfortunate, but these things happen,″ Sgt. Jim Wallace said. ″We aren’t going to let somebody run right up next to the Argentine president.″


SEKIU, Wash. (AP) - A cash donation from best-selling writer Jean Auel and an artifact thousands of years old that literally fell into the hands of scientists have caused the Hoko Archaeological Dig to blossom.

Auel, who wrote ″Clan of the Cave Bear″ and two other novels set in prehistoric times, recently donated $5,000 to the dig.

The money will be used to help build a replica fishing camp, like those used by early Makah Indian fishermen who camped near the mouth of the Hoko River.

The latest artifact find came as 10 students, who will participate in this summer’s dig, were being given an introductory tour of the site.

Student Merle Means found a carved wooden wedge that may be 3,000 years old. If the wedge proves to be more than 3,100 years old, it will rank as the oldest wooden artifact ever found on the Northwest coast, said Dale Croes, Washington State University archaeologist and director of the dig.

Croes said the tool may have been used to split firewood, planks or to dig out wood as part of dugout canoe construction.

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IRVING, Texas (AP) - City officials were asking ″Who’s Madonna″ after learning that the rock ‘n’ roll diva is to perform at Texas Stadium next month.

A July 26 concert is scheduled at the city-owned stadium, home field for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

Council members recently refused to allow the Texxas Jam concert at the stadium because Irving police said they could not handle the traffic. The jam was held at the Cotton Bowl instead.

The Madonna concert will come up for discussion by council members Wednesday.

″My son says this is not your heavy-metal stuff, and that it’s a lot cleaner than that stuff they had at the Cotton Bowl last Saturday,″ councilman Roy Brown said. ″But me, I wouldn’t know Madonna from Pink Floyd.″


AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - Leonard Bernstein will conduct a fund-raising concert for Dutch AIDS patients, the Concertgebouw orchestra said Tuesday.

Bernstein will donate the proceeds from Wednesday’s concert to a private Dutch AIDS fund, which will set aside the money for research into acquired immune deficiency syndrome and for a hostel for AIDS patients, according to an orchestra spokeswoman.

Tickets were offered at $50 each.

Since March, the most recent month for which figures are available, 153 of the 260 confirmed Dutch AIDS patients have died.

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