Pros, cons of online shopping

November 26, 2018

Whatever reason you have for shopping, it always comes down to two things: online shopping or in-store shopping.

The answer, for me, is whichever makes life easier.

Online shopping has its perks, yes, but there are issues with this type of shopping. Have you ever bought a prom dress online that fit you perfectly once it was delivered? Most likely your answer was no, and if you did, then you probably didn’t like how it looked on you. Trust me I’m speaking from experience it is always easier to try it on in the store. Plus, then you can take it with you right away and not have to wait for shipping.

That being said, I know not everyone is only looking for dresses when they go shopping. Online shopping can be a great tool when combined with a purpose. I do almost all of my Christmas shopping online. It makes it twice as easy to find that one thing specific your loved ones want.

I have some pretty hard to shop for relatives (*cough *cough I’m looking at you, dad), but with the help of a little friend who I call Amazon, it is easy to find something he would like. If it is within a 20-mile radius and my dad wants it 9 times out of 10 he will buy it for himself, but with Amazon, I can find something he has never heard of before and make it the best gift ever.

As a kid, I loved shopping. It was a chance to find new things and make them my own, but now it feels like a chore. I guess that is a part of growing up or just getting busier. Shopping is a pain no matter what it is for, so why shouldn’t we take advantage of what resources we have to make it easier?

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