Go ‘Inside The Noize’ this weekend

August 23, 2018

While attending Cissna Park-Crescent-Iroquois High School, Jenna Heideman failed to find comfort in her public speaking class.

“I used to cry,” Heideman, now 25 and originally from Crescent City, expressed.

Now, as she lives in Nashville, Tenn., up to 3,000 listeners hear Heideman speak as the host of her podcast, “Inside The Noize.”

“I don’t know why I do this when talking is my biggest fear,” she joked.

“Inside The Noize” is a weekly podcast where Heideman speaks with country music writers and other creative types from Nashville to get to know them and hear their songwriting stories. The podcast stemmed from a breakup.

“I was dating a guy from Texas, and after we broke up, I wanted to tell my side of the story,” Heideman said.

Being a country music fan herself, Heideman listened to a song called “Everything Is Texas” by Kasey Tyndall, and something just clicked for her.

“I started telling my own story, then, I started having guests on the podcast and I wanted to know about their story, and their road to Nashville,” Heideman said.

The first podcast recording for “Inside The Noize” premiered Jan. 12 of this year, and it was picked up by and rebranded with the creative agency, Artist Noize.

“Going forward, I’d like for ‘Inside The Noize’ to reach the Top 10 List on iTunes, and 100,000 streams on Spotify,” Heideman said. “I just want to reach more people.”

In high school, Heideman knew that she wanted to work in the music industry field.

“I decided that I wanted to be a artist manager,” said Heideman. After attending a year at Parkland College in Champaign, she made the jump to Nashville, to attend Belmont University where she studied music business and marketing.

“Moving to Nashville was one of the easiest transitions for me,” said Heideman. “Everyone was nice, friendly and supportive. Everyone just wants to bring one another up.”

It’s easy for Heideman to find some similarities between her hometown of Crescent City and Nashville.

“The city isn’t as big as everyone thinks it is,” said Heideman. “It really feels like a small town, just like Crescent City does.”

This weekend, Heideman will be heading back to her home state for Mahomet Music Festival. Mahomet, located in Champaign County, is just 63 miles south of Crescent City and 84 miles south of Kankakee

The two-day festival will be held Saturday and Sunday. While there, Heideman will be hosting live podcast recordings while country music artists like Adam Sanders, Tyndall and Rodney Atkins will be performing.

Inside The Noize is available to stream on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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