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State Auditor Bump to probe personal care attendant fraud

March 17, 2019

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts Auditor Suzanne Bump says she’s ramping up her focus on personal care attendant fraud.

The Democrat said this week her Bureau of Special Investigations will step up its oversight after a report by the bureau found the number of incidents of MassHealth personal care attendant fraud has more than doubled — from 147 cases in 2016, to 300 cases in 2018, or close to $1.4 million in fraud.

Personal care attendants typically help people with disabilities maintain their independence by assisting with personal care and other daily activities.

Bump said some personal care attendants defrauded MassHealth by billing the program for services to patients who were in long-term care facilities, which is prohibited.

Others didn’t report earned income and falsely submitted timesheets for services provided to MassHealth members.