Scottville to talk Republic Services contract extension, higher recycling rates

March 30, 2019

SCOTTVILLE — Recycling charges are continuing to increase across the nation, and on Monday, Scottville city commissioners will consider extending the city’s contract with waste management company Republic Services at a higher rate.

Republic is asking for another three-year contract with the city, and under the contract, an additional $8,046 would be spent by the city annually to cover the collection of recyclable materials. Additionally, there is a 3-percent refuse fee of $1,894 that will be added to the total, bringing the cost of Republic’s services up from $66,473.19 in 2018 to $76,358.02 in 2019.

City Manager Amy Williams said she has worked with Matt Biolette, regional outreach director for Republic, on a contract that would keep the refuse rate at 3 percent for the next three years, when under other circumstances, it could increase again.

“They wanted to do a monthly recycling, but almost two-thirds of our citizens recycle, and they’re filling up bins every two weeks,” Williams told the Daily News on Friday. “I think people would (stop recycling) if they didn’t have anywhere to put the other two weeks’ worth.”

Williams said the general increase is 4 percent, and contracting with Republic for an additional three years would save that 1 percent, if it’s what commissioners and city residents want.

“Recycling is getting more expensive. If we want it, that’s another reason to give an extension,” Williams said. “We want to figure out what we’re doing with recycling and lock in that 3 percent.”

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