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May 12, 1987

DETROIT (AP) _ Singer Aretha Franklin will receive an honorary doctor of music degree from the University of Detroit, a school spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Franklin will attend commencement for about 1,100 graduates Saturday afternoon on the university’s campus, said Ann MacCready, spokeswoman for the private Roman Catholic school.

″The reason she was chosen was her involvement in the community in civil rights. Her values typify the kind of values we encourage here at the University of Detroit,″ MacCready said. ″She has inspirational and versatile music ...″

Franklin, who lives in suburban Detroit, attended Northern High School but did not attend college, MacCready said. The singer is the daughter of the late Rev. C.L. Franklin, who was a prominent civil rights leader.

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BOSTON (AP) - Former House Speaker Thomas P. ″Tip″ O’Neill Jr. said he couldn’t believe it took nearly all day and more than 50 tries to film him in a 30-second beer commercial.

After the 47th take, O’Neill said: ″By this time, I would have been briefed by four administrative assistants, met with my media and TV advisers, had a leadership meeting, a policy meeting and, in between, gone to the White House to talk to the president and the Cabinet.″

The commerical for Miller Lite beer was filmed Monday at a restaurant in the Quincy Market shopping area, near Faneuil Hall, or ″Fanny Hill Market,″ as former major league baseball player Bob Uecker calls it in the commercial.

Uecker’s role calls on him to mangle local names while proclaiming he knows Boston like the back of his hand. For example, he says an ancestor came over on the ″Sunflower″ and landed at ″Plymouth Dock.″

″I have about eight words to say. It’s a very humbling part,″ said O’Neill, 74.

″I never dreamed anything would take as long as this ... I can’t believe they take so many takes. But I’m having fun.″

The commercial will be shown only in Boston from June through the end of the year, according to Bob Bertini, a Miller spokesman.

Asked how much the brewer paid O’Neill for the commercial, Miller spokeswoman Susan Henderson said the amount of the fee was a private matter between the company and O’Neill.

O’Neill has said he has declined many requests for endorsements.


PUEBLO, Colo. (AP) - Radio commentator Paul Harvey has had a street named in his honor for the help he’s given this economically depressed city’s economic development program.

City officials on Monday unveiled a sign naming the main entrance road to the city’s airport industrial park ″Paul Harvey Boulevard.″

A delegation led by Harvey Paneitz, president of the Pueblo Economic Development Corp., presented Harvey with a framed street sign in his Chicago radio studio.

During the last year, Harvey has mentioned Pueblo several times, praising the city for its efforts to attract new industry.

Many corporate officials, Paneitz said, have mentioned hearing Pueblo’s name on Harvey’s radio program.


SAN ANTONIO, Texas (AP) - U.S. Rep. Henry B. Gonzalez, D-Texas, accused of striking a man who said Gonzalez called him a communist, is scheduled to go to trial Aug. 24 on the charge, officials said.

Gonzalez, 71, is charged with a misdemeanor assault in connection with an altercation with Bill Allen, 40, at a restaurant Dec. 4. The congressman has pleaded innocent.

The district attorney’s office filed the charges last week.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Tipper Gore, wife of U.S. Sen. Albert Gore Jr., D- Tenn., says her campaign for a voluntary system of labelling sexually explicit or violent musical material doesn’t infringe on artists’ right to free speech.

″I am adamantly opposed to censorship in any form,″ she said Monday, making an appearance at a bookstore to promote her book ″Raising PG Kids in an X-Rated Society.″

During her appearance, a group of about 15 high school students presented Mrs. Gore with a petition they said contained 250 names. The petiton charged that the rating of records advocated by Mrs. Gore has become ″the biggest threat to one of our most basic rights, free speech.″

Her book urges parents and others to urge the music industry to enact a voluntary system of labeling, Mrs. Gore said.

In early June, Mrs. Gore said she plans to join the presidential campaign of her husband, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988.


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Gary David Goldberg, producer of NBC’s ″Family Ties″ series, says the anti-drugs ″Just Say No″ campaign supported by first lady Nancy Reagan is a ″cosmetic approach.″

″No one is attacking the root causes of drug use,″ Goldberg said Monday at a news conference on TV and teens held by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Although he joined pediatricians in condemning too much sex and violence on television, Goldberg said he’s concerned about censorship and resents ″White House involvement″ in drug messages.

″What’s happening now is if you don’t take almost some sort of loyalty oath, saying in our show we will (speak out against drugs), you all of a sudden become suspect,″ he said.

″I also completely resent the cloak of Republicanism around it and the White House involvement in it. We don’t need that. What happens is you lose your credibility,″ Goldberg said.

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