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Town Knew Little About Police Chief Charged in Killing

February 27, 1993

LYONS, Neb. (AP) _ Nobody in town knew much about Police Chief Greg Webb, who disappeared in 1986 just days before he was charged with killing an equally mysterious woman.

Webb was arrested Tuesday in Florida on a murder warrant in the December 1986 shooting death of his girlfriend, Anna Anton. A Florida man recognized him from an episode of NBC’s ″Unsolved Mysteries″ and authorities believe he’d been in the state since 1987.

In this northeastern Nebraska town of 1,200, where he lived for 10 years, those who worked with him said Webb was fair and professional, once worked as a mercenary and had a penchant for guns and military fatigues. He was also very private.

″A lot of people say he was a Green Beret, commando-type guy, but he was probably one of the best police chiefs they’ve had in this town,″ said Jim Kologenski, co-owner of the Lyons Oasis Cafe.

″I was probably closer to him than anybody in the town of Lyons,″ said Leland Going, 58, who was mayor during much of Webb’s tenure as police chief. ″But our conversations were strictly business.″

Webb, 42, apparently didn’t have many friends in Lyons, 60 miles north of Omaha, but residents said he was respected as a straight-arrow policeman and they want to see him get a fair trial.

Mrs. Anton, 34, disappeared on Dec. 15, 1986, and her nude body was found 12 days later near a road about 20 miles north of Lyons. She had been shot three times.

On Dec. 30, Webb was seen for the last time. He had withdrawn his life savings from a bank. He was charged with murder on Jan. 6, 1987.

Mrs. Anton, a native of Spencer, Iowa, was divorced in October 1986, the same month she moved into the second apartment in Webb’s duplex. She walked with a cane, apparently recovering from an automobile accident, and she attended a Catholic church. But residents knew little more about her.

Going is convinced that Mrs. Anton told authorities about a member of a Mafia-related drug ring, came to Lyons to gain protection from Webb, but was killed by members of the ring. He said Webb knew about the killing and fled because he did not trust authorities to protect him.

Others in town also speculate that someone else might have been involved in the killing. But Nebraska State Patrol Lt. Lloyd Hinze said Webb was the only suspect.

Burt County Sheriff Leonard Canarsky said Webb quit his job as a deputy sheriff to join the military of the Rhodesian government in about 1976 and he spent several months there. Webb may have left Africa because of knee problems, Canarsky said.

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