MONKEYmedia Addresses Motion Sickness in Virtual Reality with Release of Developer Toolkit

September 25, 2018

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 25, 2018--MONKEYmedia, Inc., the independent R&D lab known for its award-winning, user-friendly technologies, today announced the public release of a developer toolkit for its patented ™ technology. The Extended Reality Developer Kit (XDK) includes an OpenVR driver that enables game developers to immediately experience the transformative impact of body-based navigation in their existing products without modifying code or adding hardware.

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BodyNav Test Drive dashboard (Graphic: Business Wire)

“BodyNav is a game changer,” said Eric Gould Bear, MONKEYmedia CEO and inventor of over 100 patents and patent applications. “As a body-oriented designer, it’s been helpful that VR makes me feel sick. For me, vection isn’t an abstract concept – it’s a gut-wrenching reality. So, I wanted to make this technology available to everyone building next gen computing experiences.”

Motion sickness in VR is estimated to impact between 25-80 percent of the human population and is reported to affect women up to four times more than men. This is a significant barrier to organizations adopting virtual, augmented and mixed realities – a market estimated to reach $105 billion by 2022.

According to digital media innovator Jay Samit, “ Solving motion sickness may give the industry the ability to finally look out over a new horizon.” With BodyNav’s natural locomotion technology, publishers no longer need to choose between immersion and comfort when weighing production budgets against market opportunities. Instead of using a hand controller to initiate movement through a virtual environment, participants’ lean angle dictates the speed and direction of movement, mirroring the body’s vestibular system and natural center of gravity.

Not only does BodyNav minimize simulator sickness, but independent usability research at the University of Nevada found BodyNav to be “easier, faster, more accurate, more likeable and offering higher immersive presence” than using hand controllers for locomotion. The BodyNav Test Drive tool now makes it easy for researchers to perform A/B tests on existing applications to measure the value add of body-based locomotion.

MONKEYmedia’s 30-day Test Drive is available today for free. Running in Valve’s SteamVR environment, the input driver integrates seamlessly with a variety of existing games and applications for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Some of the tested games include the best-selling open-world adventure “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR” (Bethesda Game Studios), the classic first-person shooter “Doom VFR” (id Software), and the brand-new superhero experience “MARVEL Powers United VR” (Oculus Studios and Sanzaru).

BodyNav can be readily adapted to modernize extended reality user experiences and reduce sensory imbalances that compromise immersive comfort. It enhances first-person gaming by freeing the hands from managing avatar movement to focus on other tasks (such as picking up and using virtual objects). It can also amplify multi-camera performances and sporting events, control of remote vehicles, video conferencing and telepresence applications, street-view maps, augmented reality, healthcare, engineering, architectural simulations, and 3D user interfaces for browsing data models, documents and images – all while keeping users comfortable, engaged and entertained.

For more information about how to incorporate BodyNav technology into a VR, AR or drone piloting user experience, please contact bodynav@monkey.com.


MONKEYmedia is an award-winning, independent R&D lab committed to user-friendly technology experiences. Its patent portfolio includes in-house inventions that date back to 1992 and are incorporated into over 184 million movies distributed on DVD & Blu-ray. MONKEYmedia’s latest innovations use body-based navigation (“BodyNav”) techniques to address motion sickness in virtual reality, augmented reality, telepresence and drone piloting. BodyNav apps for iOS are . Visit http://monkey.com/ for more information.

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