Push for pot is definition of hypocrisy

February 3, 2019

I support the use of medical marijuana. It is shown to help people and is used under doctor supervision.

We now have Democratic legislators trying to push a law to make recreational use of pot legal. Is this an effort by a bunch of wannabe “hippies” to be safe from current law for “toking”? Or are they looking at this as another cash “cow” they can tap for pet spending projects. Either way, they obviously have not looked at the negative social and financial burdens incurred by the states that have already legalized it. At the same time these same legislators are pushing to have the purchase of tobacco and e-cigarettes raised to 21. In the same breath they are going after drug companies for causing the opioid problem, drug companies have deep pockets, too.

This is the same party that decided we should be limited to the size soft drink we can buy, and that salt needed to be removed from restaurant tables, and that the calories of every meal had to be posted for our health. They are so concerned that we cannot make our own health decisions, they know what is best for us. Yet they want to allow anyone older than 18 to be able buy pot and operate vehicles impaired. Webester should change the spelling of “hypocrisy” to “Democrat.”

Larry Plank, Rochester

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