RDA resets deadline for proposals

November 6, 2018

The Watertown Redevelopment Authority has pushed its deadline for developers to respond to its request for proposals for the board’s redevelopment project downtown to Nov. 30 due to no proposals being submitted before the previous deadline Friday.

Executive Director Kristen Fish of the Redevelopment Authority said if there is no interest from the request for proposals at least the board made an attempt to offer it to the public.

“Then we can work with individual developers as they come up,” Fish said.

She explained that if a developer is interested in responding, it is a lot of work to put a proposal together under a deadline and have every question answered.

“It’s not necessarily a negative thing that we haven’t got a response yet,” Fish said.

Fish has been calling, emailing and networking with developers to try to get them interested. The request for proposals has been published in electronic newsletters that developers follow.

The next step for Fish and members of the board is to keep reaching out to developers.

Fish said earlier there was one developer who had asked to extend the deadline so she was planning on staying in touch with that developer to see if there were questions.

“I think we’ll find the right developer but I don’t know if it’ll be within the proposal deadline,” Fish said.

If the board still cannot find a developer, Fish said the board will continue to search and build connections with potential developers.

The six businesses on West Main Street the board has acquired have a year from the time the board purchased them to move out.

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