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Campbell Puts More Chicken in Chicken Noodle Soup

November 17, 1995

CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) _ The folks at Campbell Soup Co. didn’t lose their noodles, they just thought they’d stir things up for a change.

Campbell began adding 33 percent more chicken to its No. 1-selling chicken noodle soup, the first major recipe change since the soup came out 61 years ago.

Consumers in taste surveys said more chicken was the only way to make the soup better, company spokesman Kevin Lowery said.

``The overall goal is to sell more soup,″ Lowery said.

The nation’s sixth-largest food company, which sells 350 million cans of chicken noodle soup a year, began rolling out the meatier soup in August. Nationwide distribution began last month.

With the change came a return to the company’s ``M’m! M’m! Good″ slogan _ with a slight variation. Now Campbell says the soup is ``M’m! M’m! Better.″

The New York Times reviewed the old and new chicken noodle soup today, praising the ``pleasant texture″ of the noodles but adding that ``neither version has much dimension or depth to it.″ It said the extra meat didn’t make the soup significantly more flavorful.

``Still, if your mother serves it to you, you will probably like it.″

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