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Canada Leader Addresses Holocaust

April 9, 2000

JERUSALEM (AP) _ Laying a wreath at Israel’s Holocaust memorial on Sunday, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien acknowledged Canadian inaction during the Nazi-led murder of 6 million Jews.

Chretien, on a state visit to the Jewish state, addressed Canada’s failure to take in Jewish refugees from anti-Semitic violence during World War II _ a policy infamously summarized at the time by a Canadian official’s response when asked how many Jews Canada was prepared to take in: ``None is too many.″

``Yes, errors were made in 1940,″ Chretien said after joining a uniformed representative of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in laying a wreath at the eternal flame in Yad Vashem. He described the ceremony as ``emotional.″

Chretien said that his country has since about-faced in its attitudes to those in political danger.

``As you know, Canada is (now) the most open nation for refugees from all the world,″ he said.

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