AGCO hosts crop tour in Fremont

August 18, 2018

FREMONT - “Help growers better understand how the equipment impacts the soil and the outcome of different practices on the crop.” That’s the goal of AGCO’s annual Crop Tour Field Day held in Fremont Thursday.

Senior Marketing Product Specialist Larry Kuster tells News Talk WJAG the crop tour is a program of demonstration plots and educational events throughout the Midwest.

Kuster says the effort helps growers see firsthand how variation in soil conditions, equipment and seed placement impact plant emergence, health and yield so they can make better planting decisions based on their local conditions.

“It’s really about the agronomy of the crop itself and what that seed needs to germinate and emerge uniformly. The matter of stress that planting errors can put on the plant can show up quite evidently when you start pulling husks back and see the stress points” Kuster said.

He says this year the crop tour demonstrated the capabilities of the new SmartFirmer technology from Precision Planting.

Kuster says the crop tours continue to grow, and provide more data year after year.

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