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This content is a press release from our partner Globe Newswire. The AP newsroom and editorial departments were not involved in its creation.

Asurio, Inc. Announces New Version of BirdDog Cloud-based Mobile Inspection Software

February 25, 2019

BROOMFIELD, Colo., Feb. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Asurio, Inc. (www.asurio.com), a Colorado company offering cloud-based mobile inspection & data collection software, today announced a powerful, new version of its BirdDog software for mobile inspections. BirdDog 6.0 offers a simplified, integrated user interface, and powerful new features to speed & streamline the process of mobile inspections.

This new version of BirdDog Mobile Inspection Software is available immediately to new customers. Existing customers already using BirdDog will be gradually transitioned onto the new, integrated technology platform in 2019. In addition, Asurio, Inc. is a Microsoft partner, and will be hosting BirdDog on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing solution, resulting in world-class 24/7 reliability and security.

What Does BirdDog Mobile Inspection Software Do?

BirdDog mobile inspection software allows users to:

-- Perform field inspections & data collection -- Store the data on a tablet or mobile device -- Upload the data from the tablet to the BirdDog system -- Manage & share the inspection or audit data -- Develop a wide variety of reports based on a single inspection

New Version of BirdDog Software Brings Next-generation Technology to Mobile Inspections

Here are highlights of enhancements & additions to BirdDog Mobile Inspection Software:

-- New, Integrated Platform: Asurio engineers have integrated the field inspection software and administration software into one combined platform. -- Support for Microsoft, Android & Apple: This new version of BirdDog Mobile Inspection Software operates on the top 3 standard technology platforms: Apple, Android & Microsoft. As a result, field techs can use Apple, Android, or Microsoft tablets to record inspection results. BirdDog also can work in “off-line” mode on all 3 mobile platforms. This means that field inspectors working deep in the heart of a building where they can’t access a wireless internet connection can conduct their inspection, save the data, and upload the inspection results once they can access a viable internet connection. -- Enhanced, Digital Inspection Forms with Additional Information Fields: Asurio engineers also have added helpful, new information fields, including: Individual locations of multiple deficiencies such as painted sprinkler heads, category of deficiencies, and more. -- New Fire Extinguisher Inspection Module: BirdDog’s new fire extinguisher module has asset tracking capabilities allowing inspectors to take full advantage of fire extinguisher serial and manufacturer bar codes for improved productivity using “auto answer” feature where fire extinguisher information auto-populates for selection by the inspector; -- New Field User Interface: The field inspector interface has been re-designed so it’s simpler and easier to use, with more information that auto-populates. The new field interface also is easier to read in bright light and low-light environments. -- New BirdDog Application Program Interface (API): Asurio also offers an application program interface (API) based on the BirdDog Inspection Software engine. This new API makes it easier for developers to incorporate inspection functions into software solutions they are developing. In addition, the BirdDog API meets a critical need: allowing inspection results to easily be formatted & uploaded to agencies providing inspections oversight such as fire departments, inspections departments, and third-party administrators contracted to alert building owners of required actions following inspections.

New BirdDog Mobile Inspection Software Pricing

BirdDog Mobile Inspection Software pricing is quoted based on customer’s specific needs. Options include:

BirdDog Set-up, Configuration & Training Options

-- A monthly subscription based on the number of users -- Initial set-up and configuration of your BirdDog system in the Microsoft Azure cloud -- On-site and/or remote BirdDog user training (initially & when you add staff) -- Data migration support -- Integration with other software programs such as accounting, billing, or other business software systems

Additional BirdDog Mobile Inspection System Options:

-- Custom Inspection Forms & Inspection Reports Services – Asurio is unique in having a dedicated inspection forms department that works with customers to create customized forms & inspection forms as needed. -- Specialty Inspection Modules – Asurio offers a variety of extra specialty inspection modules such as Equipment Tracker, Inspection Item Import Utility & a Deficiency Module which tracks inspection deficiencies to highlight opportunities to book additional services. -- BirdDog Inspection Query Library – Asurio offers a library of queries for data evaluation for all data within the system. -- Customer Access Report Portal – This is a report access portal which can be accessed by our customer’s clients. This portal allows 24/7 access to inspection reports -- Application Program Interface (API) – The Asurio development team works with customers who need API connectivity for adding inspection functionality into software applications they are developing.

BirdDog Mobile Inspection Software is the most powerful, versatile & flexible mobile inspection system on the market today. As a result, customers are welcome to use the core inspection product alone, add additional functionality at installation, or add additional functions & offerings as their inspection needs expand.To request a quote, visit: www.asurio.com, or call: 303.444.1395.

Cloud-based Mobile Inspection Software Is The New Standard

As a Cloud-based Software as a Service (SAAS) mobile inspection system, BirdDog allows users to securely access the BirdDog inspection system with a computer and internet connection. The benefits of this approach are:

-- No software to buy or load -- Software upgrades are handled by Asurio centrally -- Cost-effective inspection system based on a monthly subscription

“This new version of BirdDog mobile inspection software provides an even more reliable product that’s easier to use, offers new functions, and enhances the productivity and efficiency for virtually any type of inspection or field data collection,” said Asurio President Top Myers.

“By increasing the ease of use, features & functions, and the platforms on which BirdDog runs, we’re making it easier for our customers to streamline their inspections process, improve inspections, and speed up the follow-up work to address deficiencies found in the actual inspections. In addition, the new BirdDog Mobile Inspection Software also will make it easier for inspection companies and in-house inspection departments to train inspectors regardless of their computer literacy, as well as leverage the powerful inspection features and functions no one else offers,” he noted.

About Asurio, Inc. & BirdDog Mobile Inspection SoftwareAsurio, Inc. is a USA-Based software company that offers the BirdDog Mobile Inspection System. BirdDog is one of the more powerful & robust mobile inspection systems on the marketing today. Asurio has a special expertise in fire-life safety inspections for buildings, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and more. However, the BirdDog system can be configured to inspect and/or collect data for virtually any industry. Asurio, Inc. can be reached at: www.asurio.com, or 877.444.1488.

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